Artist Statement


Glass is the medium in which I capture untouchable endeavors. The glass can absorb anything that I push it towards and has the ability to breathe in the surrounding light. I’ve worked in many different mediums, but glass is so clever and harsh it keeps my interest as something so difficult to master and resolve.


            I started out flameworking, making small pendants and creatures that interest me like unicorns and dinosaurs. As I started to learn the art of glassblowing my compositions got bigger and I started to incorporate mixed media. From there I learned the lost wax process and started to design pieces that had a story within them.  As my experience in the new medium grew, so did the complexity and intention on my artwork. My actions and decisions were more conscience of an underlying direction and I began to craft resolved pieces that told a story.


            My inspiration comes from what is currently happening in my life. My intention is to pull from my life as it is and create work that stems directly from my personal experiences. I also study the complex relationship between my past and present using the intricate relationship to help me understand how I and the world around me change. I use the forms of earthly and mythical creatures to convey my diverse narratives. By using recognizable creatures and objects such as keys and horses I am able to communicate with viewers of all ages. I explore complex processes and take risks in my work to constantly push the glass to an ever higher reality. My work develops on its own as it is resolved and my sketches are only a starting point.


            The whimsical and rustic nature of my work confides in the translucent and brilliant glass, creating a balance of tension and silence. By staying unrestricted and seeing unending possibilities I am able to create work that is complex and content. It has the perfect amount of electricity infused within the fragile walls of the glass.


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